Susan Fraser-Hughes...Artworks

My art documents my visual response to sensory information. I work in series, each series exploring a particular place: a building or a landscape, sometimes local, sometimes found through travel. The materials I use to convey these images are chosen specifically for their ability to convey the strong, sensory responses I had to each site. I create my art in two ways, through process painting and through drawing.

My work begins with the finding of a site. On some occasions I seek these sites intentionally. On others, they are the result of being in the right place at the right time. I record each site by taking photographs and by making notes and sketches. Often I return to a site in order to obtain further documentation. For some sites my visual exploration ends here. For others, the information collected is taken back to my studio and further explored as visual series. My landscape work explores my sensory response to these sites. My architectural work also explores my sensory response and in addition explores the histories associated, both my history and the history of the places I am visually exploring.


All designs, images and text are copyright to Susan Fraser-Hughes